Conserva Irrigation and Toro® – Smart Irrigation Partners

When it comes to landscape irrigation and water conservation, you might think those two words should never be included in the same sentence. However, here in the north Oklahoma City area, we are the exception. Conserva Irrigation is partnered up with Toro® offering water conserving sprinkler systems for your home.

The Industry Leaders in Irrigation Innovation

Toro® is the world leader in irrigation. They’ve honed their craft for over 101 years and dedicated 50 years specifically to working to perfect the sprinkler system industry. Fast forward to today and you see the fruits of their efforts. They’ve developed top-of-the-line water conservation tools. Equipment such as their new EVOLUTION® smart controller, Precision™ Soil Sensor, and handheld remotes have revolutionized the watering industry. This dedication to conserving natural resources makes Conserva Irrigation and Toro® the perfect partners. As a publicly traded company, Toro® is held to an extremely high standard of ethics and performance. Toro has an incredible array of irrigation product that’s normally only seen at the commercial level. Conserva Irrigation utilizes Toro irrigation products 100% of the time. Regardless of your irrigation system needs, you can rest assured that only the highest quality Toro® components will be used.

Partners in Both Innovation and Care

If your sprinkler system suffers from broken heads or leaking lines, you’ll undoubtedly see the waste in terms of dollars on your monthly water bill. In addition to a high water bill, broken sprinkler heads, busted lines and other system inefficiencies can quickly add up to thousands of gallons of wasted water each watering season. Both of these instances are entirely preventable through proper sprinkler system care and maintenance. At Conserva Irrigation, our goal is to be your partner in maintaining your sprinkler system. By utilizing the latest in Toro® smart irrigation innovation, we’ll help you to reduce wasted water and to lower your monthly water bill by ensuring your sprinkler system operates at peak performance, and only operates when your lawn needs it.

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