The Conserva Irrigation System Efficiency Score (SES)

If we stopped by today and offered you a 12-point evaluation of your Oklahoma City sprinkler system, how do you think your system would measure up? Would you get a passing grade or need a “retest?” Believe it or not, we will give you this analysis at no charge to you.

Imagine saving both money and water, simultaneously

Your Oklahoma City-area irrigation system could be incredibly inefficient, dumping thousands of gallons water, without you even knowing it. Even if you don’t notice a broken sprinkler head, your Oklahoma City sprinkler system could be leaking, overwatering or just very inefficient.

At Conserva Irrigation, we are passionate about water-conserving sprinkler systems; therefore, we provide our 12-point System Efficiency Score (SES) inspection at no charge to you. This inspection, valued at $150, includes an on-site inspection from one of our trained and experienced technicians. Your inspection will yield your inspection results in writing along with your system efficiency score on a rating scale of 1-100. Our 12-point inspection reviews your system’s programming including seasonal adjust and site conditions. We look for rain and weather sensors and check for line leaks and broken heads among other key system efficiency checks.

Saving Money

When your sprinkler system is running correctly, without any leaks or breaks, and with the proper amount of water being dispensed into each zone of your yard, there is a direct correlation between your system performance and the money you save. This is fun math: less water used equals the end of excessively high water bills. On average, most of our clients see a water savings of 40% or more with an efficient system. Over the course of just one season, one small leak can waste over 20,000 gallons of water. One leak. What if you have three or more? If you have wet spots in your yard, there is a problem that needs to be fixed. We can help.

Saving Water

Yes, you can take a shorter personal shower and use a low-flow showerhead and save multiple gallons of water a day. You can have efficient systems inside your home that will have a positive impact on your water usage, and this is good and to be commended. However; if you have a weakened irrigation system, then you could be draining the equivalent of a small pond between spring and fall. Do that for a couple of seasons, and you can only imagine the environmental impact.

A Passing Grade

Claim your complimentary system inspection today to make sure your system gets a passing grade. No matter what your grade, you’ll ultimately be glad you did. If you have any issues with your system or any efficiency or conservation opportunities, we will provide a flat rate quote to fix any issues. Give us a call today at (405) 225-3004.

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